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April 15, 2012

Retired Wedding Photographer.

Madalyn + Gabe

September 9, 2009

When Madalyn told me she wanted to do a vintage theme for their engagement shoot, I began making a list of possible scenarios.  Out of a fairly long list of ideas, we decided on a tennis, picnic, and travel theme… Maybe we should have added a swimming scene or something with water since it turned out to be one of those rare and really too hot of a Summer day in Oregon…

hagenblog 020 Madalyn + Gabe

hagenblog 019 Madalyn + Gabe

hagenblog 018 Madalyn + Gabe

hagenblog 017 Madalyn + Gabe

hagenblog 016 Madalyn + Gabe

hagenblog 015 Madalyn + Gabe

hagenblog 014 Madalyn + Gabe

hagenblog 013 Madalyn + Gabe

hagenblog 012 Madalyn + Gabe

hagenblog 011 Madalyn + Gabe

hagenblog 010 Madalyn + Gabe

hagenblog 009 Madalyn + Gabe

hagenblog 008 Madalyn + Gabe

hagenblog 007 Madalyn + Gabe

hagenblog 006 Madalyn + Gabe

hagenblog 004 Madalyn + Gabe

hagenblog 005 Madalyn + Gabe

hagenblog 003 Madalyn + Gabe

hagenblog 002 Madalyn + Gabe

hagenblog 001 Madalyn + Gabe

here’s the cover for their guest book

hagenblog 021 Madalyn + Gabe

Susan + Bryan

August 9, 2009

i’ve known these two for a while and we have some great mutual friends…  i think there were whispers floating around that they were going to get married before they even knew they were going to get married icon wink Susan + Bryan  you might be thinking you’ve seen this girl in a wedding dress on my (old) blog before… not true, as i shot her twin sisters wedding a couple years back…

i make guest books for nearly all my weddings but they never seem to make it on the blog… so here you go…

the cover

susancover Susan + Bryan

burnettguestbook 1 Susan + Bryan

burnettguestbook 2 Susan + Bryan

burnettguestbook 3 Susan + Bryan

burnettguestbook 4 Susan + Bryan

burnettguestbook 6 Susan + Bryan

burnettguestbook 5 Susan + Bryan

burnettguestbook 7 Susan + Bryan

burnettguestbook 8 Susan + Bryan

burnettguestbook 9 Susan + Bryan

burnettguestbook 10 Susan + Bryan

burnettguestbook 11 Susan + Bryan

burnettguestbook 12 Susan + Bryan

burnettguestbook 14 Susan + Bryan

burnettguestbook 13 Susan + Bryan

burnettguestbook 15 Susan + Bryan

In the works…

August 7, 2009

it’s been a busy week in the darkroom… i’m finishing up packing the gear for tomorrow’s wedding and wanted share a preview of what’s on the way…

i put the yellow schwinn to use again for an engagement session…

090721 BurnettSusan 0203 In the works...

a great wedding from vancouver, bc…

090705 SandySonny 0446 In the works...

a vintage engagement session…

090717 HagenMadalyn 0304 In the works...

and my good friends get hitched…

090801 KoehlKrista tj 2607 In the works...


July 23, 2009

090716 EverettEllie0087 Ellie

090716 EverettEllie0034 Ellie
090716 EverettEllie0072 Ellie
090716 EverettEllie0095 Ellie ellie Ellie
090716 EverettEllie0110 Ellie
090716 EverettEllie0165 Ellieellie2 Ellie090716 EverettEllie0138 Ellie090716 EverettEllie0185 Ellie

ellie31 Ellie

thanks for a fun shoot Ellie!