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April 15, 2012

Retired Wedding Photographer.

iPhone snaps

September 22, 2009

views of summer via my iPhone…  all images were photographed in Oregon (or in a plane above Oregon) and many shot while on my bike (without crashing)

sunsets in The Gorge

Oregontravel 011 iPhone snaps

Oregontravel 010 iPhone snaps

Oregontravel 009 iPhone snaps

Oregontravel 008 iPhone snaps

Oregontravel 007 iPhone snaps

Oregontravel 006 iPhone snaps

Oregontravel 005 iPhone snaps

Oregontravel 004 iPhone snaps

Oregontravel 003 iPhone snaps

Oregontravel 002 iPhone snaps

Oregontravel 001 iPhone snaps
Oregontravel 021 iPhone snaps

Oregontravel 019 iPhone snaps
Oregontravel 020 iPhone snaps

Oregontravel 018 iPhone snaps

Oregontravel 017 iPhone snaps

Oregontravel 016 iPhone snaps

Oregontravel 015 iPhone snaps

Oregontravel 014 iPhone snaps

Oregontravel 013 iPhone snaps

Oregontravel 012 iPhone snaps

although not used on these images, Chase Jarvis just released an iPhone photo app that looks pretty sweet so check it out


May 27, 2009

i spent a few days at my parents for memorial day weekend.  my sis & her family were there as well.  i pulled double duty – babysitter & photographer.  it was tough work…  icon wink babysitting

090523 robertsaddison 003 babysitting

addy4 babysitting

090523 robertsaddison 026 babysitting

090523 robertsaddison 029 babysitting

090523 robertsaddison 038 babysitting

090523 robertsaddison 050 babysitting

090523 robertsaddison 057 babysitting

090523 robertsaddison 064 babysitting

090523 robertsaddison 070 babysitting

from the archives

January 16, 2009

i was going through some old images and found some i hadn’t seen for a while.  i know i don’t post much personal stuff (ok, i don’t post much at all but i’m working on it) and a friend said i should blog some of the images i shot while living in italy.  a good idea if someone wants to scan some negs for me :)  in the meantime, i pulled some that were readily available on hard drives.   a few of them are several years old – some of the first digital images i’d ever taken.  my first experiences in photography were shooting landscapes…. a far cry from wedding photography.  a couple are from the death valley trip and have already been blogged but i decided to throw them in with these…

these first 4 are from the southern oregon coast. the first one is 6 or 7 vertical’s stitched together.

02 0001 from the archives

02 0003 from the archives

A0CS0165 from the archives

A0CS0158 from the archives

the golden gate from one of the best views you’ll ever find.

A0CS0031 from the archives

04 0004 from the archives

costa rica

CR from the archives

death valley

DeathValley 0245 from the archives

DeathValley 0349%20(1) from the archives

DeathValley 0394 from the archives

belize from ambergris caye

GI4C8716 from the archives

snapped from the side of a speedboat in belize.

IMG 0166 from the archives

a lonely stretch of road in the arizona desert.  carrying an extra can of gas is recommended.

openroad from the archives


November 5, 2008

hey there blog readers – anyone out there?  from my lack of blogging i bet you think i’ve been on some amazing vacation on a remote island in the Pacific.  well, not exactly, but i think about being on an island in the Pacific quite a bit this time of year.

so what have i been up to?  besides the normal stuff, i’ve been shooting some non wedding stuff that i’ll show you soon…  real soon.

- as someone who admittedly is a horrible blogger, is blogging dead?  here’s an interesting read

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here’s a shot a snapped after finishing up a recent shoot

sunset HELLO?