hi, i'm TJ - a photographer based in Portland, OR. some of my recent work as well as some of my day to day happenings are here. feel free to leave comments or get in touch with me if you have any questions. you can view my main portfolio here. thanks for stopping by... cheers.


Cedar Breaks


i drove from Zion N.P. to Brian Head, Utah a couple weeks ago.  it was my first time traveling through the area and i’m definitely heading back sometime…

zion1 Cedar Breaks

Cedar Breaks

cedarbreaks Cedar Breaks

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3 Responses to “Cedar Breaks”

  1. wow… beautiful. almost looks surreal. love to see more…


  2. these photos are breath taking! You’re quite the nature photographer!

    - Isaac

  3. Tim Co. says:

    wow…these 2 images are incredible!! great work here TJ

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