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December 17, 2008

A few from Thomas’ session the other day…

thomash 004 Thomas

thomash 001 Thomas

thomash 002 Thomas

thomash 005 Thomas

thomash 006 Thomas

thomash 007 Thomas

Adrienne + Drew

December 15, 2008

grover 016 Adrienne + Drew

Adrienne and Drew had an intimate wedding with family and friends at the Shakespeare Garden.  Ray (see post below) helped me photograph their day while Nora Totonchy and her team did a wonderful job making things look amazing.

grover 001 Adrienne + Drew

grover 002 Adrienne + Drew

Ray got this great shot of the guys watching a YouTube video on how to tie bow ties

grover 003 Adrienne + Drew

grover 006 Adrienne + Drew

grover 009 Adrienne + Drew

grover 011 Adrienne + Drew

grover 012 Adrienne + Drew

grover 014 Adrienne + Drew

grover 017 Adrienne + Drew

grover 018 Adrienne + Drew

grover 019 Adrienne + Drew

grover 020 Adrienne + Drew

grover 021 Adrienne + Drew

grover 022 Adrienne + Drew

grover 023 Adrienne + Drew

Event Coordination:  Nora Totonchy – Bridal Bliss |  Gown: Anna’s Bridal |  Venue:  Shakespeare Garden

Florist:  Geranium Lakes |  Reception Catering: Giorgio‘s  |  Cake Designer: Papa Hayden

Ray + Krista

December 12, 2008

rayblog 001 Ray + Krista

What kind of a guy goes and helps someone move and unload furniture without even knowing them?  That’s what Ray did for me when I moved to Portland.  I didn’t know anyone here and I needed some last minute help.  I knew Ray was a photographer and I sent him a message asking if he’d have time to help unload some of my things.  Responding right away, he told me just to let him know where and when.  Wow – cool!  If that’s not a sign of a cool guy, I don’t know what is.  Sorry ladies… you let a good one out of the pond this time.

These two are getting hitched this summer at a beautiful vineyard in the wine country West of Portland.  If you’ve not been out there, take a day during the summer and check it out – you’ll be glad you did.

rayblog 002 Ray + Krista

rayblog 0031 Ray + Krista

rayblog 004 Ray + Krista

rayblog 005 Ray + Krista

rayblog 006 Ray + Krista

rayblog 007 Ray + Krista

rayblog 008 Ray + Krista

rayblog 009 Ray + Krista

rayblog 010 Ray + Krista

rayblog 011 Ray + Krista

rayblog 012 Ray + Krista