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November 17, 2008

there’s something about lifestyle sessions that is so refreshing.  i’ve started working on a year long project that i’m not going to divulge too much on quite yet.  looking forward to getting out to LA and NY this winter to work though.

more from Brittny’s shoot here

Alex + Juliya

November 13, 2008

These two gave me extra time to play on their wedding day.  So much so, I only have room for their portraits in this blog post.  Enjoy…

big thanks to Bryan Welsh and of course Brandon for all the help and capturing some great images.


November 11, 2008

i stopped in the country a few days back to do some location scouting – which is where the sunset photo in this post is from.  while i was there i figured i should take a few shots so i convinced Kacy she needed new bio pics for her website

more from Kacy’s shoot here


November 8, 2008

this was the quickest shoot i’ve ever done.  15 mins tops before the light was gone.

more from Robin’s shoot here

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November 5, 2008

hey there blog readers – anyone out there?  from my lack of blogging i bet you think i’ve been on some amazing vacation on a remote island in the Pacific.  well, not exactly, but i think about being on an island in the Pacific quite a bit this time of year.

so what have i been up to?  besides the normal stuff, i’ve been shooting some non wedding stuff that i’ll show you soon…  real soon.

– as someone who admittedly is a horrible blogger, is blogging dead?  here’s an interesting read

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here’s a shot a snapped after finishing up a recent shoot