hi, i'm TJ - a photographer based in Portland, OR. some of my recent work as well as some of my day to day happenings are here. feel free to leave comments or get in touch with me if you have any questions. you can view my main portfolio here. thanks for stopping by... cheers.


Archive for August, 2008

summer fun

August 26, 2008

sorry for the lack of blogging lately.  been working on some things for quite a while that are close to being ready to go live. i’m looking forward to sharing them.  in the meantime, below are some images of my niece enjoying summer…

feeling the heat

August 15, 2008

someone want to carry around an ice bucket for me tomorrow?  i may have to wear my speedo’s under my pants and hop in the lake to cool off.

David + Hannah

August 13, 2008

With David’s brother being a photographer, and a good one at that, there was a little added pressure on this one.  But with a cool couple, great friends & family, and Ben & Brandon along to help, it was a pretty fun and relaxing day at the office.

Shopping cart has moved

August 6, 2008

the old shopping cart has moved.  if you currently have proofs online, you’ll now find them here.