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Archive for July, 2008

Sam + Adam

July 23, 2008

lebeda4 Sam + Adam

These two got hitched at cool little place in Portland’s Pearl District.  Here’s some of my fav’s:

lebeda1 Sam + Adam

lebeda2 Sam + Adam

lebeda3 526x750 Sam + Adam

lebeda15 Sam + Adam

lebeda16 Sam + Adam

lebeda5 Sam + Adam

lebeda7 Sam + Adam

lebeda8 Sam + Adam

lebeda9 559x750 Sam + Adam

lebeda6 594x750 Sam + Adam

lebeda10 Sam + Adam

lebeda11 Sam + Adam

lebeda12 Sam + Adam

lebeda13 Sam + Adam

lebeda14 Sam + Adam

Venue: EcoTrust

Dress:  The English Department

Caterer:  Culinary Artistry

Florist:  Flowers by the Sea

Cake:  Papa Haydn

Also, thank you Jonathan for shooting this wedding with me and to Brandon for all the help and for working so hard on winning the assistant of the year award.  OK, I don’t think there’s really an award for that but maybe there should be.

David + Hannah

July 16, 2008

these two just moved to ptown from cali and are getting hitched in a few days.  due to our schedules being a little crazy, this was one of the quickest shoots i’ve done in a long long time.

marrs1 David + Hannah

marrs4 David + Hannah

marrs2 David + Hannah

marrs3 David + Hannah

david’s brother, jonathan, is one of portland’s finest and their family will be keeping me busy this summer with two weddings.

Alex + Juliya

July 9, 2008

these two make my pictures look better than they really are  icon wink Alex + Juliya

glizin10 Alex + Juliya

glizin3 Alex + Juliya

glizin6 Alex + Juliya

glizin4 Alex + Juliya

glizin5 Alex + Juliya

glizin7 Alex + Juliya

glizin2 Alex + Juliya

glizin9 Alex + Juliya

glizin8 Alex + Juliya

glizin1 Alex + Juliya

glizin11 Alex + Juliya

glizin12 Alex + Juliya

one of the spreads in their guest book:

collage Alex + Juliya