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Dave + Emily

June 30, 2008

maletz11 Dave + Emily

I made my first trip to Woostock, VT for Dave & Emily’s wedding.  Woodstock is a pretty sweet place – lots of green like Oregon but the architecture is much cooler.  Unfortunately, I did take the rain with me but it made for some cool images.

maletz1 Dave + Emily

maletz2 Dave + Emily

maletz7 Dave + Emily

maletz3 Dave + Emily

maletz6 Dave + Emily

maletz5 Dave + Emily

maletz4 Dave + Emily

maletz9 Dave + Emily

maletz8 Dave + Emily

maletz12 Dave + Emily

maletz13 Dave + Emily

maletz10 Dave + Emily

the details done by Emily

maletz14 Dave + Emily

some quick portraits of the bridal party couples

maletz17 Dave + Emily

maletz19 Dave + Emily

maletz18 Dave + Emily

maletz15 Dave + Emily

maletz16 Dave + Emily

20 Dave + Emily

Venue: Apple Hill Inn

Planner: Forever Green Events

Caterer: Dish Catering

Dress:  Justina McCaffrey

Florist:  Jennifer Reid / Hartland Flower Farm

Band: MP Project

Congrats guys and thanks for having us!

Birthday x3

June 24, 2008

i’m a little bit older tomorrow.  if you forgot to put a gift in the mail, don’t worry i’m fine with belated gifts  :)  my birthday is a little unique because for the last 28 years I’ve shared it with my aunt and great grandma.  yep, we all arrived on 6/25 with a few years in between icon smile Birthday x3   i know most people don’t get to share much of their life with their grandparents, let alone a great grandparent.  i’ve been fortunate enough to have done both.  all of my grandparents have a had a large influence in my life and i know how lucky i am for having that.

i was talking to my grandma yesterday and she asked me how long it’s been since i’d celebrated my birthday without my aunt and great grandma.  i couldn’t remember and still can’t.  it seems like we always had our birthday parties together – each of us inviting our friends which always made for an interesting crowd :)  on my 25th, a bus load (literally) of our friends and family made our way out to wildlife safari for dinner in the park. we also got to enjoy entertainment from the elephants and below is a shot of the three of us:

25bday Birthday x3
(not the best photo but hey)

after my niece was born last year, great grandma took on another title: great-great grandma.  here’s a shot of the five generations (my sis, mom, grandma, great grandma, niece) at my 28th and just a couple months after my niece was born:

28bday Birthday x3

there’s not any big birthday plans this year.  i’m sure will have a mini belated celebration next week when i meet up with some of the family in alaska for a little fishing.  this year will be different though as great grandma passed away just a few weeks before her 92nd birthday.  we will miss you grandma.  i hope that wherever you are, you have great 92nd and if there’s any cake, let some of the others have some too.


June 17, 2008

Thank you Bryan Welsh and everyone at PPO for inviting me out to Bend, OR to speak at their summer conference.  Hope to see all my new friends soon!  :)