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Death Valley Scenes

March 3, 2008

DeathValley 0409working Death Valley Scenes

A couple weeks ago after my ML shoot, I buzzed out to DV and met up with Tim Halberg, Colin Michael, Jason Groupp, and John Griffin (check their blogs for pics). It was supposed to be this hardcore camping trip but I’m not sure how hardcore it can be with running water, toilets, and a hotel just a ten 10 minute walk away for those who get scared of the coyotes or think the ground is too hard to sleep on:) The sleeping conditions may not have been ideal for all of us, but we did all manage to survive after Colin convinced us to eat his “college special” for dinner the first night. Needless to say, that was the last meal we let Colin cook icon smile Death Valley Scenes

It only manages to rain a handful of days in DV and of course we were there one of those days. Luckily, our campsite at Furnace Creek stayed dry for the most part.

the boys (minus Griff who arrived later in the day)

DeathValley 0061 Death Valley Scenes

the scenes:

DeathValley 0033working Death Valley Scenes

DeathValley 0131working Death Valley Scenes

DeathValley 0158working Death Valley Scenes

DeathValley 0285working Death Valley Scenes

DeathValley 0328working Death Valley Scenes

DeathValley 0385working Death Valley Scenes

DeathValley 0354working Death Valley Scenes

DeathValley 0394working Death Valley Scenes

self portrait:

DeathValley 0393working Death Valley Scenes

thanks guys! good times.